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Welcome to Shout Out

Marketing & Production

Hello dear reader, it’s Nick and Lee, the head honchos here at Shout Out.

We started Shout Out in 2018 to carry out one key mission: To support clients by delivering the best product to help their business grow.

Before us two precocious little pups struck out on our own, we racked up several years working in agencies in Sydney. That’s where we learned a few key things:

– Customisation is king (and queen) when it comes to making a difference for clients. That means starting from scratch every time with appropriate video styles, editing, graphics and other features.

– It’s important to get personal. Not, like, that personal, but we firmly believe in building relationships with our clients. When you work with us, you work with us. Not a rotating cast of characters.

– Despite having no chance in hell of touching our toes while standing, flexibility is a big deal for us. Bending over backwards to overdeliver is how we like to roll. (Is that enough flexibility metaphors and puns for ya?)

– Long-lasting relationships and referrals over churn and burn. Quality, not quantity. That’s us. And it’s gotten us to a good place, with a growing client list and a few additions to the team. Ready to get started? Give us a shout.

Meet the Shout Out Crew

Nick Smith

Nick Smith


Nick is our head photographer and self-appointed adult-in-charge at Shout Out (which, to be honest, is pretty scary for a guy who barely eats vegetables). Nick is passionate about everything digital, has an appetite for smoking BBQ meats and makes smart, considered investments in fine ice cream. When away from the screen Nick can usually be found surfing the Sydney burger scene or finding new inventive ways to hurt himself.

Lee Philipson

Lee Philipson


Lee is head cinematographer and all-round creative genius at Shout Out. He’s a compulsive tech tinkerer and is always looking for the newest camera or lens to add to the Shout Out arsenal. When he’s not shooting video and editing like some sort of possessed, but friendly, wizard, he can be found fishing quadcopters out of the sea and snapping pics of any dog he comes across.